Tracking Profit/Loss on our Sports Betting Tips

TipMan has been providing Sports Betting Tips profitably for 4 years, using a Tipster with 9 years of tracking data. The staking plan is simple to understand and track your profits, it accounts for each member’s individual budget whilst maintaining accurate results regardless of your stake value. It is used to track results on our Sports Betting Tips transparently and help our members to manage their bank roll efficiently. It also supports responsible gambling and highlights problem gambling.

TipMan has 3 main betting systems as part of a premium subscription, all with their own 100 point bank roll. With many members only interested in certain markets it allows for tracking to be efficient to each individual service providing the tips. Markets with 100 point bankrolls advised are;

  • Premium Racing Tips
  • Value Betting
  • Football Tips & Other Sports (Including Pre-Match football, InPlays & Rollers, the InPlay Bot and the occasional NFL/NBA/CSGO)

InPlay Bot bets are tracked as part of the football points pot at 5 point stakes.

Simply divide your monthly budget into 100 points, it can be done with any budget and any value, here are some examples below.

  • £100 Monthly Budget - £1 Point Value
  • £200 Monthly Budget - £2 Point Value
  • £500 Monthly Budget - £5 Point Value

Once you have signed up to premium to receive our sports betting tips and understand the staking plan, you will then be ready to place your first tip from our team of experts. The Sports betting tip will be provided via telegram messenger and will have an advised points stake to track profit or loss, for example:

12:50 - Royal Ascot

Red Rum 5/1 - 1.5 points EW (3pts total)

So if you had a budget of £200 you would place £3 EW on the example selection above (£6 total)

The benefits of using this staking plan which is used by many professionals include:

  • Track Profit/Loss
  • One Monthly Deposit
  • Caters for all budgets
  • Responsible Gambling

TipMan has a team of professional tipsters that cover a variety of sports and each sport is tracked live on our website. We have no need to hide loses as our results speak for themselves over the long-term. Each morning our tracker is updated with the stats to date for the current month and a full breakdown of each sport. We pride ourselves on being fully transparent regardless of how good or bad a month has been. All of our selections are backed by our tipsters themselves, so when you lose, we lose.

Over the last 4 years using this system we have profited 3483 points, averaging 870 points per year, 72 points profit per month. If you were playing £5 a point that's £17,415 PROFIT. That's the reason we track our tips, and are able to charge a monthly subscription with consistently over 1,500 paying members.

We have been voted the best UK Racing tipster by 2 independent tipster review websites.

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