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About Tipman Tips

Welcome to our website, on the face of it, we are a relatively large tipping and sports betting tips community, however behind the scenes we are a small team of like minded individuals who collaborated just under 2 years ago to form ‘TipMan Tips”. Our backgrounds vary, from a Royal Navy veteran from Birmingham, to a family man from the Wirral who has worked in the tipping industry for over 5 years. We are now a registered business ‘Tipman Group LTD’ with full-time employees and a team of 15 social media promoters.

We are mega proud of what we have achieved in the 20 months we have been around. We launched just months before Covid-19 and the huge impact that had on worldwide sport, yet we have caused ripples in the tipping industry and are now one of the largest sports betting communities in the UK. We started as an idea, which lead to discussion, a Whatsapp group, before moving to Telegram. We now have this great website, a well-known brand, a huge social media following, over 1,200 subscribers to our Sports Betting Tips and continue to go from strength to strength with additions such as our recently launched, Football Stats centre which has been a huge hit with our members. We have huge plans for the coming months/years and we would love you to be a part of this. We aren’t your standard rodeo, social-media tipsters, we are going to continue to obliterate our competition by prioritising our members and continually looking to improve our offering.

Our tipster has 5 years of profits that you can see on our tracking tab. Past profits do not guarantee future profits, and we will never hide from the fact we have a bad day, weeks and even a month, but our system works and the profitable history back this up. We have over 1,000 premium members at present and the best betting community online. Members can also be granted access to our community group chat, racing chat, info groups, online trading groups and our new football stats centre.

Finally, I’ll repeat that we do not guarantee a profit, but statistically through in-depth knowledge and hours of daily research, by joining us you’ll dramatically increase your chances of beating the bookies with our Sports Betting Tips or becoming a successful trader online. Stick to the staking plan and remember that gambling or trading should be fun. Please gamble responsibly and when the fun stops, stop.

Questions and Answers

Why choose us?

TipMan has been operating for roughly 5 years now with profit ever year, you can find more stats over on our tracking tab on the website for our Sports Betting Tips P/L. We offer a variety of different markets and sports and pride ourselves on being fully transparent regardless of how good or bad a month has been, after all nothing is guaranteed. We like to think we have educated a lot of our members over the years in regards to bank roll management and trying to take emotions out of placing a bet or a trade. PROFITABLE bettors make consistent profit when they treat it like an investment and NOT a punt. You receive daily tips with full write ups explaining each selection. Our racing tipster prides himself on finding value and you will always get some juicy each way bets. We provide all different types of bets from small prices to your more outrageous selections. Our tipster made a living from his profits for 3 years before wanting to share his knowledge with members and is very well regarded in the industry. Members can receive access to our communities and chat with other members as well as sharing their own selections. Lastly you can cancel anytime (please see, how do I cancel) although with well over 1,00 members for the last couple of years we think it shows, once you join TipMan you’re TipMan for life.

Can I cancel at anytime?

Yes, You can cancel anytime by logging into your member area and hitting subscriptions.

PLEASE NOTE – If you have paid via PayPal you need to cancel your reoccurring payment on PayPal as well as on the members area on the website.

Do you guarantee profit?

We do not guarantee a profit. That completely isn’t possible in Gambling or trading and it would be irresponsible of us or anyone to make such claims. We do not believe in any form of fixed betting and every tip or trade is purely based on our own research or info we have received. We do however have a history of tracked profits. You can see our previous winners, trades and profit/loss totals here

How much does It cost?

Our premium membership costs £19.99 monthly but new members can take the first month for just £9.99 by entering ‘halfrpice’ at checkout. Subscriptions are payable by Paypal or card and you can also pay annually for £159.99. There is no minimum term and you can cancel at anytime, see question 2.

What Is Telegram?

Telegram is an instant messaging service that we use to post our tips. We use Telegram as it is safe, easy to manage and we can have up to 200,000 members. Telegram is free to download and accessible on any device. Follow the Apple & Android link to download.

Can I get a refund?

There will be no refunds given. This is a monthly subscription service that is very easy to cancel at any point. See question number 2 if you wish to cancel.

Why do you require my phone number?

Your phone number is used to track members joining the Telegram group. Your number will never be shared and you will never be contacted.

How often are the tips?

We post tips every day of the calendar year. We have Tipsters who specialise in Football, Horse Racing, Greyhounds, Snooker, Darts & more. There is always an opportunity to beat the Bookies on something. We also have traders who specialise in crypto currency trading, stocks and commodities.

What our members really say


The risk free betting is great, however my account got restricted pretty quick not sure if there is anyway to get that account back up and running.


Decent service. Making profit on their betting tips.


Really good group. Football tips and horse racing tips are class.


I think in my month I joined I did every football bet possible and was just a bit disappointed on the return. I made more from doing my own bets so I think Ill just stick to it. Cheers guys great service 👍




the best tipster i have found. profit for the last 6 months in a row. thanks tipman


Very good service. I just cancelled because u was missing too many bets and thought there wasn't much point me continuing to pay when I wasnt betting that much anymore


Was good whilst it lasted, made quite a bit money until restrictions on my accounts after 2 weeks has forced my hand to cancel subscription as I can’t get anymore bets on with these amounts. Good group though

Shane armstrong

Aright guys, been great tracking your bets all this week and for the past month but due to home life and working shifts I’m not able to get on most the bets. You boys are relentless lol. Good luck to you all


Fantastic telegram great customer service good insightful detail when making picks and all in all a great set up


Vedy good in football bets


not for me this but will follow till the end of my payment you have taken for the rest of the month


Excellent service

Richie G

Absolutely outstanding service offered . Helpful admin always on hand . Highly recommend


Just starting

Tang man

Love the bants second time here gonna listen this time

Tang man

Love the bands second time here gonna listen this time


Very good


Great work lads

Lewis williams

Very good tipster, impressive to see how much you do. Keep it up man

Simon Glass

Great community of like minded people. Points system totally works as it’s impossible to beat the bookies day in day out but with the points system you can afford a bad day or bad week. I like the fact they don’t chase losses either. Always someone in the group chats available to help find a bet or just give advice. Can’t fault anything.

Fraser Roberts

A great service with top tips and a great community of people. Bad runs happen which I like they don't shy away from. My only slight negative is sometimes I cant follow the in play tips due to work which is no fault of the group and they actually smash them. Keep it up 👍🏻

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