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Would not recommend. I have lost alot of money since joining. Even though they say the points system works, it isn't easy to keep to every tip that comes through. I would like my money back but I know that won't happen.

Charly Vickers

I don't want anymore money taken out my bank account for tipman please thanks


not for me this but will follow till the end of my payment you have taken for the rest of the month


Excellent service

Richie G

Absolutely outstanding service offered . Helpful admin always on hand . Highly recommend

Luke murrell

Need help joint the group I payed for it but following instructions and it’s not working


Just starting

Tang man

Love the bants second time here gonna listen this time

Tang man

Love the bands second time here gonna listen this time


Very good


Great work lads

Lewis williams

Very good tipster, impressive to see how much you do. Keep it up man

Simon Glass

Great community of like minded people. Points system totally works as it’s impossible to beat the bookies day in day out but with the points system you can afford a bad day or bad week. I like the fact they don’t chase losses either. Always someone in the group chats available to help find a bet or just give advice. Can’t fault anything.

Fraser Roberts

A great service with top tips and a great community of people. Bad runs happen which I like they don't shy away from. My only slight negative is sometimes I cant follow the in play tips due to work which is no fault of the group and they actually smash them. Keep it up 👍🏻

Tyler Smith

Been with these guys for a year now and couldnt recommend highly enough. Like most, I was sceptical to pay for betting tips, but i was losing to the bookies like most do! (98% to be exact). But the service you get is exceptional. Lots of tips, group chats, additional extra’s, competitions, Last Man Standing, Giveaways, stocks and crypto groups, stat centre! Its more than just a subscription for the price! Top stuff guys, keep it up!

John Squires

I've been betting since I was 11. I've been with Tipman for 4 years and by far the best thing I've ever done. Completely changed the way I bet.

Connor Brookes

Fantastic service, these Tipsters are very reliable and if you stay consistent to the staking plan you can make a great profit, it's worth a try, 5 out of 5!

Dave Perkins

Long term member now of almost 4 years, brilliant service which is constantly developing to give more than the average group to its members, non more so than the recent addition of the football stats centre. Solid tips all year round, no hiding from bad runs but some absolutely monster profits too. Good outweighs the bad runs massively and the community chats are awesome. 10/10 for me wouldn’t look elsewhere for value for money.

James Williams

Joined couple of months ago and must say this group is awesome, not only do you premium tips but you get Football Statistics for free, worth every penny.


Great Tips and Tipsters, well worth the subscription, I've been subscribed for over 9 months now!

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