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Honestly fantastic service. Great people and we'll.worth every penny. Just wish I had more time available to continue.



Daniel parry

First month in this group and I haven't looked back, massive profit made already, and glad to continue smashing it.


A newbie in betting and just went on gut instinct than strategy before I joined the freebie’s group. I then joined the premium. I have been surprised with the dedication of the team and how much commitment is required to stay headstrong! The points system is very good and have made slow but steady profit. The help and support when starting up was excellent. The discount subscription does help to start and will continue to use the service. Great work guys 👍




Really good


Great service! Can't afford to stake much, but these guys are keeping me well ahead of the bookies


Unbelievable service, possibly life changing. Loved it since the minute I joined, started making profit the first day. There will be a few days where you have more losses than wins but you can guarantee the day later you’ll make it back. The guys are super helpful too, any questions then the people in the chat or the admins will help out as much as possibly


Fantastic service and great tips. Tipman tips dont always win, whose does? But they are reliably researched and easy to follow. Stick to the plan and it does work.


Second month in and showing a healthy profit, just signed up for a year. Looking forward to smashing the bookies.

Ryan Higgins

I’ve only joined and mate the tips already and I just know this is going to be a life changing experience to come legends.


Been here for a month, very profitable and a lot of support!

Kevin fowler

First class service


Great tips always profit being made

Darron donkin

Wonderful set of tipsters with multiple ways to make profits from the bookies with various different bots & racing tipsters football stats the list is endless 5*


Class group

Mark Birch

Top group! Good tips, easy to follow. Only been in 1 month well up


Brilliant service


Amazing results consistent! Follow stake plan and long term your laughing, your be getting banned from bookies

Dan Walker

Top class service with incredible stats.

Craig Walker

Once you work out what you enjoy betting on and not trying to catch every bet, you can bet using this service with reasonable confidence that you will beat the bookie! There will be good and bad days but tipman has this covered too with a detailed staking plan! Even if you want to do your own football bets there is a stats pack with covers every betting angle for you to put some “science” behind your selections. Keep up the good work, cheers Tipman 👍🏼


Incredible service with loads of amazing value for bets. You can find your favourite and the market that works best for you and exploit it and take your stand again the bookies. Amazing service like I said by people who win and make you profit whilst still enjoying the betting experience.


Very helpful.


Loving the posts that too man is providing. Took me a little while to get into a rhythm and follow the points advised but I’m now starting to see the benefits of that

David Sinclair

Great service snd I’ve made a few few quid which is what it’s all about keep it up lads


How does it all work


Joined in May to see what it is all about for a half price sign up offer. Don’t regret it 6months on, made plenty of profits from tipman tips and the group chat and made some lovely friends in the process too. Don’t think about it just do it.

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