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Welcome to Tipman Tips! We pride ourselves on being one of the largest and most successful subscription-based sports betting tipsters online, offering unparalleled insights and winning strategies that have consistently generated huge profits for our valued members. Our brand has been a beacon in the betting world for over 4 years, but don't let that number alone speak for our expertise; our lead tipster's remarkable 9-year profitable tracking history is the real testament to our mastery in the art of betting.

At Tipman Tips, we specialise in a robust selection of sports, giving our members the edge in horse racing, football, and daily Value Betting picks. Our sharp eye for pricing errors and bookie enhancements give our subscribers that coveted insider advantage. With an impressive average of 75 points profit per month since our inception, we've only gotten stronger, sharper, and more strategic with each passing year.

While we are unwavering in our commitment to our members' success, we also maintain transparency about the nature of sports betting. Yes, there are losing runs and the occasional losing month — it's all part of the game — but that's where our expertise really shines. Follow our well-honed staking plan, trust in our process, and over time, you'll see that the profits outweigh the losses. Betting is a long game, and with Tipman Tips, patience, coupled with our sage advice, leads to outstanding results.

Our community is the backbone of our success, and our active group chats are thriving with over 1500 members. Here, bettors of all levels exchange their own tips, celebrate wins, and find support during tough streaks. Together, we're growing year on year, fostering a culture of camaraderie and shared success.

What's more, our excellence has not gone unnoticed. In 2022, independent tipster review companies named us the best UK racing tipster — not once, but twice. This accolade is a result of relentless dedication to our craft and the tangible outcomes our members enjoy.

Join Tipman Tips today and be part of a winning legacy. Subscribe to our service and harness the power of informed, intelligent betting. It's more than just placing bets; it's about making smart, strategic moves that elevate your sports investment portfolio. Let the profits roll in and experience the Tipman difference for yourself!

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Our tipster has 9 years of profits that you can see on our tracking tab under previous years. Past profits do not guarantee future profits, and we will never hide from the fact we have a bad day, weeks and even a month, but our system works and the profitable history back this up. We have been operating as Tipman Tips for 4 years averaging 72 points profit per month and we continue to improve every year. We have over 1,700 premium members at present and the best betting community you will find anywhere. With a Tipman subscription, members will have access to our community group chat, racing chat, InPlay Bot, and our new football statistics centre.

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