Only here for the football stats. Paying full membership. The website for me needs lots of work. It keeps crashing/freezing and you have to close down and log back in. Another issue I have is you have to type username and password every time I come out of the website. So when trying to get a quick bet on or a sneaky bet at work it makes it rather difficult. A simple remember me would go a long way. That too it can be very difficult to find most of the teams on betting sites. Lots don’t be listed on big sites like sky bet365 etc maybe put logo beside teams that can be found on major online bookies. I am sure if you have enough traffic you could make money from the bookies too for having their logo etc a few simple things that makes me happy to spend my money. It gets to a stage now where I am spending lots of time trying to find teams and available markets that I get bored and just throw anything in just to have a bet. Now I start to ask myself why pay for a service for this when I can do my own research in the same time it take me to pick a bet from your stats. I thought this would make it easier and faster for me but so far it’s made it harder and I’m losing more

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